begin the bibliography

\end{thebibliography}. Parameter: Tiefenmuster: ein Text. Beschreibung: Definiert ein Literaturverzeichnis, auf das im restlichen Dokument Bezug genommen werden kann. Das Tiefenmuster legt die Einrücktiefe der einzelnen Einträge fest. Beispiel: \begin{thebibliography}{sotief} \bibitem{atuning}Volker Wollny (Hrsg.): {\it
\begin{thebibliography}{9} \bibitem{latexcompanion} Michel Goossens, Frank Mittelbach, and Alexander Samarin. \textit{The \LaTeX\ Companion}. Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 1993. \bibitem{einstein} Albert Einstein. \textit{Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter K{\"o}rper}. (German) [\textit{On the electrodynamics of
Am Ende der Datei wird ein Abschnitt thebibliography gesetzt. thebibliography enthält die kompletten Informationen zu den Einträgen im Literaturverzeichnis. \begin{thebibliography}{laengste Labelbreite} \bibitem[text]{bezugspunkt} \end{thebibliography}. In dem Feld laengste Labelbreite wird etwas eingetragen, das
The first thing to notice is the establishment of the environment. thebibliography is a keyword that tells LaTeX to recognize everything between the begin and end tags as data for the bibliography. The mandatory argument, which I supplied after the begin statement, is telling LaTeX how wide the item label will be when
Hypertext Help with LaTeX thebibliography. \begin{thebibliography}{widest-label} \bibitem[label]{cite_key} literature citation ... .... \end{thebibliography} The thebibliography environment produces a bibliography or reference list. In the article style, this reference list is labeled "References"; in the report style, it is labeled
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manually listing the entries of the bibliography or producing it automatically using the BibTeX program of LaTeX. Both types are detailed below. A) Manually Creating a Bibliography. The bibliography is produced manually with the environment. \begin{thebibliography}{widest entry}. \bibitem[label1]{cite_key1} bibliographic
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\begin{document}. See \citet{Kopka1995}. .. \bibliographystyle{plainnat}. \bibliography{database}. \end{document}. 4. that the document is compiled in the following order (let's assume that the principal file is called document.tex): latex document bibtex document latex document latex document. The first time LATEX runs, the

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